Thought Leadership

We believe in serving as a vehicle to deliver the latest technologies, developed within MeghaGen and elsewhere, dealing with genetics and genomics data applicable across a wide range of sectors including medical and non-medical areas like agricultural, animals and microbes. These forefront technologies are required globally and a vast range of end users including patients and farmers would benefit greatly from these technologies.

MeghaGen Biosciences is a fully integrated genetics and genomics company, with a portfolio of market ready technologies. The business activities involve research, diagnostics and sale or licensing of technologies. The mission of MeghaGen Biosciences is to bridge the gaps in life science in both research and diagnostics through an independent & investigative manner and offer support to the collaborating partner’s ongoing programs.

To be able to cater to the needs of current research in both medical and non-medical fields the technologies developed must constantly respond to many changes.

1. New information is constantly being added in the field of oncology which needs to be translated into application for betterment of patient outcomes.

2. Agricultural practices change, which creates the need for developing genotypes with specific agronomic characteristics.

3. Target environments and the organisms within them are constantly changing. For example, fungal and insect pests continually evolve and overcome host–plant resistance.

4. Finally, consumer preferences and requirements change, researchers therefore face the endless task of continually developing new technologies and products.

Our commitments concern the entire spectrum of researchers, who have to face up to numerous challenges. It is our vision that all the stakeholders like patients, clinicians, researchers, farmers must be mobilized to increase outcomes and offer healthy, safe products. We are well aware of the stakes in the context of limited resources. At the same time, we are convinced that the solutions required to insure sustainable growth will come from science and access to factors of production, innovation and regulation. This is the sense we give to our commitment to MeghaGen Biosciences, to implement a true international practices. The group is convinced that we need to rally all human energy and deploy all technological improvements to meet the challenges of health and food security for all people.

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