Dr. Shailesh N. Prabhu MBBS, MD :

Dr. Shailesh received his M.D. from Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore and did residency training in Anaesthesiology. He is currently serving as the Chief Medical Officer at MeghaGen where he is responsible for all the activities related to medical affairs. He his vast experience in clinical practice serves as the company liaison to physician, medical, genetics and research industry groups. He comes with a rich experience of working in a Cardiac and Cancer Institute’s. He has a good network with practicing Clinicians in India.

Dr. Suhas Nimbalkar PhD, PGDIPRL, ADCR & PRA :

Dr. Suhas received his PhD from the National Chemical Laboratory, Pune in Biotechnology and is the Chief Technology Officer for MeghaGen where he is responsible for translating the research innovations into a scalable, reproducible execution platform that operates seamlessly and is delivered to the customers as a solution. He also oversees the fulfillment of laboratory operations, IP management and regulatory compliance for the company. He comes with 15+ years of experience in genetics & genomics area in the corporate sector and also has been instrumental in establishing functional laboratories for multiple companies. The scope of his past experience covered working in different regulatory environments and IPR management regimes both in public and corporate sectors. Suhas until recently was engaged with National Biodiversity Authority of India (NBA), a regulatory body governing the access and sustainable use of biodiversity in India.

Er. Vinay Kumar MBA :

Vinay is currently the Chief Information Officer for Meghagen, where he is responsible for executive decisions and is a key contributor in formulating strategic goals. He brings with him 18 plus years of experience in IT and infrastructure. He has been executing complex IT projects for the leading IT companies globally. His previous experience to run business provides MeghaGen with an advantage in terms of Go to market strategy and Operations.

Er. Diwakar B, MBA :

Diwakar is the Chief Operating Officer for MeghaGen and in this position is responsible for working closely with executive management to support company operations by helping to develop various services the execution of projects with the scientific managers. He is a veteran engineer and comes with a proven track record of taking businesses from blue-print to profit in low-margin auto parts industry

Er. Ganesh Singh, MBA :

Ganesh Singh dons the highly strategic role of Chief Business Officer at MeghaGen. Ganesh leads the MeghaGens’s customer-facing functions including business development, sales and marketing. He is responsible for innovative implementations of customer service and internal practices, for expanding sales, marketing, business development and market access. In a career spanning more than 18 years he has held various executive level positions in both technical and business functions at several multinational companies with a focus go market strategies. Ganesh is a disciplined leader, a stellar negotiator and a winning team-builder, who easily gains buy-in for his unique strategies by inspiring phenomenal results through example.


Dr. Krishnaswamy P R., M.Sc., D. Sc., F.I.C.C :

Dr. Krishnaswamy has served as the Chief of Pathology Laboratories at Jaslok Hospital & Research Center, Mumbai. A Borroughs - Welcome visiting Professor at Cornell University Medical College, New York Hospital, International Cancer union Fellow and Visiting Scientist to a number of leading Institutes, such as the Weizmann Institute, Israel, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm etc., A special invitee of the Nobel Committee for Physiology and Medicine to the Nobel Awards Ceremony in 1985. Has helped to plan and establish several healthcare institutions, and diagnostic centers such as Mallya Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Sagar and Kaveri hospitals, managing them in the private and not-for-profit sectors successfully.

Dr. Subha Srinivasan, PhD :

Dr. Subha Comes with 30 plus years of experience in applying computational tools to solve biological problem in pharma/biotech/start-up environment in the US. She has 12 US patents and 40 publications in peer reviewed journals

Dr. Bibha Choudhary, PhD :

Dr. Bibha was a post-doc at the Institute for Genetic Medicine, USC, Los Angeles, later she taught at the Manipal institute of Regenerative Medicine, Manipal University. Currently she is engaged as a faculty at IBAB since April 2011. Her work has involved - specification and differentiation of cardiomyocytes using embryonic stem cells, role of cell-cell interaction, signaling molecules and micro-RNA during differentiation of embryonic stem cells to multiple cells.

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