Research & Exploration

India's diverse demographic offers an apt platform for research explorations into a variety of diseases including cancers. This diversity presents a rich source of biological material for research.

Bio-banks or Bio-repositories are the solutions to bridge the gap of availability of heterogeneous pool of biological samples to enable in depth research into specific diseases like cancer. Bio-repositories enable storage of biological specimens that contain clinically important information. However, notable bio-repository initiatives are limited in countries like China, India, Malaysia, Iran and Thailand.

The bio-repository lifecycle includes Planning, Collecting, Transporting, Processing, Protecting, Retrieving, Sharing and Disposing the bio materials with strict compliance to the regulatory requirements.

MeghaGen's key exploration is to create a repository of biological material and its associated data including phenotype, genotype, and physiological characterization. With an objective to share the information with a wide spectrum of research community both nationally and internationally, MeghaGen welcomes collaborations from interested investigators and institutions to enable the broadening of its initiative’s knowledge base.

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