With the recent technological advances in genomics research, utilizing genomics for enhancing the precision and efficiency of crop breeding has become a possibility. And a paradigm shift from marker assisted breeding to “genomics-assisted breeding” is under way.

A snap shot on sequencing status of key model plants / crop genomes (Varshney et al., 2015)

Apart from the agricultural crops, specific attention is being placed on non-crop plants which play a major role in supporting the life style requirements. Medicinal plants have potential properties that would alleviate oxidative stresses with regard to human diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and inflammatory diseases. Recent technological advances have used various approaches to build up genomic resources for such non-crop plants; these data provide abundant genomic resources for downstream analyses.

MeghaGen could support your efforts through increasing your access to wide range of marker technologies, increasing your basket of predictive molecular markers and provide a sustainable and suitable system for data management.

We support your research efforts with an integrated solution or customized selections depending on your project requirements for:

  Genomic, transcriptomic and metagenomic characterization of plant, pathogens, and microbes with next generation sequencing or array technologies

  Trait marker identification and genotyping

  Genomic Selection / Genomics based breeding / Genome-wide association markers


  GMO genetic characterization and testing

  PCR assay (including quantitative and real-time PCR) development, validation and conduction

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