Megha Advantage

MeghaGen’s computing architecture

MeghaImage™ contains a ready-to-use bioinformatics analysis suite including but not limited to Bowtie, Soap Denovo, Trinity, Samtools, R-bioconductor, bedtools, cufflink, tophat, SSPCAE, BLAST, BLAT, and FALCON.

MeghaInstance™ is a temporary server launched to run a particular sample with the analysis pipeline provided using MeghaImageTM to boot the instance, which is launched as needed and terminated at task completion. All data inputs and outputs for each instance gets read and written directly to economical cloud storage, a much more cost-effective solution than physical media.

Economical storage can be 100X lower than physical media, which can be used for long-term archiving.

MeghaInstance™ equal to the number of samples can be launched in parallel while only deploying the required server capacity needed for the specific analysis pipeline.

Server capacity accessible via MeghaImage™ ranges from as low as 1 GB RAM/1 CPU to as high as 2TB RAM/128 CPUs.

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