INTERFACE : Interfacing with the researchers, pathologists and clinicians and to understand their requirements, procure inputs, to complement the laboratory results with the clinical findings for a holistic integration of the advanced technologies into medical practice.

  UP TO DATE PLATFORMS : Employs up to date genomics platforms including but not limited to sequencing, SNPs, expression profiling, epigenetics, metagenomics for deciphering the status of the pathology.

  DYNAMIC COMPUTING : Uses elastic computing on cloud that can scale up to thousands of samples on demand using established pipelines to help researchers with their NGS-related data analysis needs. Develops customized analysis pipelines unique to specific projects. Dedicated team of bio-informaticians is in cloud computing generate reports faster and cost effective manner. MeghaGen ensures that our clients in India and world over enjoy the highest quality and most cost-effective bioinformatics solutions.

  DATA & REPORTING : Delivers meaningful data for actionable outcomes from high through-put bioinformatics analysis pipelines. Reports are publication-ready with plots and tables.

  PROPRIETARY TESTS :Standardizing the use by the research, clinical & pathology teams including the liquid biopsy tests like DNALiteTM, MLoadTM and SourceLiteTM developed at MeghaGen for the detection, monitoring and management of cancer.

  INNOVATIONS : Invests in continuous research to identify associations between genotype and phenotype and also develop new genetic assays for improved disease management in the clinical setting.

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