Animal genomics addresses two major areas - health and breeding. Genetics in animal health is mostly related to pathogen detection and classification and closely related to food safety and microbiology.

Animal breeding programs help to identify animals with the highest genetic potential and enables animal producers to optimize their profitability. Whole genome sequencing (WGS) utilizing NGS technology for genetic screening supports the discovery of novel genetic marker spread over the complete genome. The knowledge about genetic markers for genotyping and phenotyping enable the development of target specific sequencing solutions for animal breeding.

The breeding of farm animals is in the post-genome era. Sequencing individual animals treated with different conditions would be promising, is our belief. NGS will also facilitate the study of gene expression and regulatory mechanisms of milk production and egg/meat flavor in animals. By utilizing NGS approaches/tools, researchers can identify and further analyze individual genes controlling/affecting economic traits in agricultural animals, which will eventually benefit the consumers.

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